Packed with bright ideas and mountains of fruit, our green smoothie’ is perfect creative booster!

Our extra tip for unleashing creativity? Why not try broadening your horizons? If you’re a strictly weights type person – try a Zumba class. If you’re into blockbusters, try watching an independent foreign film. Go on, we dare you! 

There’s nothing ordinary about Noah’s... 
Peel back the lid and get your creative juices flowing! 

Product information

A typical bottle contains an average of: 
  apple 2 crushed apples  
  peach ¼ pureed peach 
  kiwi slice 1/3 mashed slice of kiwi fruit  
  mango Dash of mango puree  
  lime-juice Generous squeeze of lime juice 

Best of all, in Noah's you'll find: 

100% no concentrate
0% added sugar
0% artificial